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Join the Revolution...
An unstoppable movement!

This bill celebrates the most astonishing Political upset in American History.

Trump defanged the media as we all laughed at poll takers and pundits alike!

This bill is certain to become a valuable collectible. Get your stash today!
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All Aboard the Trump Train!

Our Trump revolution money is printed on quality currency paper.

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Own a little piece of History!
Money Talks but this Bill Screams

Yelling Hillary
This Will Become a Satirical Collectible!

It must be a real bummer to blow a rigged election. Talk about a poor loser. Hillary has thrown a world-class hissy fit that has lasted since she got the smack down of her life. The Russians, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders are all to blame...but not Hillary!

This funny money recalls a once in a lifetime political event! Get 'em while we got 'em.

Get a pad of 25 Yelling Hillary Bills $5.50





Get the bumper sticker that says it all about the times we live in and help Trump "Trump the Media"

Giving up her crown!
Queen Hillary Bill
We were told she was our future Queen. Americans didn't think so. America has had enough! This is one Lady in Waiting who'll be waiting a long long time! The only throne she'll be sitting on is porcelain. Don't miss out on the fun. Get your Queen Hillary bills now.

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Get a pad of 25 Queen Hillary Bills $5.50


What does it matter?
Obama 3 Dollar Bill
These Barack Obama $3 Bills made national news. Watch their faces light up when you hand them one, first a brief puzzled look then a slow smile, usually followed by a hoot of laughter!

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Get a pad of 25 Obama $3 Bills $5.50


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Get in on the fight!
Annoy a Liberal, Delight a Conservative!

Welcome to Slick Times.

Since 1992, we have been lampooning politicians of both parties but we admit we have victimized liberals with a special delight.

Our funny money comes in pads of 25 bills. They are the same size, feel and look as the real McCoy.

The bills are great ice breakers and fun to hand out. If you give one away at a party, you'll soon be the center of attention and even strangers aren't shy about asking for one. Great fun!

P.S. Whether you hand them out, put them in your mail or save a few pads for posterity they are a lot of fun to own.

Order now and let the fun begin!

Since 1992, we have based our business on the Golden Rule.
All items are sold with our 100% guarantee of satisfaction.
If you're not satisfied, simply return for a full and prompt refund.

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